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  • v****y
  • A****]
    Solid construction, floats like a butterfly, ints like a bee!
  • d****o
    Pretty solid cheap arduino clone. Have 3 of these and so far no issues. The pin headers aren't always perfectly aligned but so far no problems fitting standard shields on them. All in all an excellent deal.
  • E****r
    Simply works! I'm new to arduino and wanted to dig into electronics world...Found this kinda cheap and worked fine these few days.Still figuring out some new features and pins to work with.Overall, did not see any problems with it yet.Compatible with arduino drivers from the Genuine Arduino website.
  • J****T
    I have two of these: one purchased with a kit, and the other purchased alone (this item). I also have a few genuine Arduino Unos.This device is good. The build quality is not perfect, but it's adequate. The pin headers aren't perfectly aligned, the power barrel connector is a little misaligned, and a some of the soldering is inconsistent.BUT IT WORKS. I'm very pleased with the purchase, and I will probably buy more. If you want unquestionably superb build quality, buy a genuine Arduino. If you're OK with perfectly adequate at less than half the price, this item is for you.
  • Aa****ay
    I've been using it with a Hamshield using I2C, and it's been flawless.
  • N****k
    Seems to be well made. A close look shows no bad solder joints. The sockets on the top are neatly lined up. More importantly they grip jumper wires tightly.Everything looks tidy except the power connector which is slightly off but nothing to give me any concern.Detected by windows as a Uno R3 immediately on connection. Downloaded a couple of programs and it worked perfectly.It is a clone, but looks feels and smells like the real thing; ok maybe not smells.
  • B.****re
    I bought a couple to check them out. So far, so good. All the components appear to be the same as is on the Arduino UNO. Soldering quality looks decent. The DC power connector is a little crooked on one, and I see a couple small solder defects but nothing that would affect functionality. Maybe it won't last 20 years, but my students will destroy it before then, and the UNO will be obsolete well before then. Hey, for 10 bucks -- including the cable -- you can't beat this. I have supported Arduino in the past by purchasing theirs for $25 (without cable), and they deserve it. But it's nice to know I can get a compatible board for >60% off if I need to.
  • R.****or
    Nicely packaged, worked perfectly. Great for building into projects. I have an Arduino branded Mega I use for developing my project then shift my code and wiring over to this more affordable board for installation.
  • Fr****at
  • f****3
    Die Arduino Plattform bietet einen idealen Einstieg in die Welt der Mikrokontroller. Es finden sich im Internet diverse sehr gute Anleitungen in Text und Videoform (auch in deutscher Sprache). Die Möglichkeiten sind sehr vielfältig.Das Arduino UNO Board R3 ist robust und kann problemlos an den Computer (USB) angeschlossen und per kostenloser Entwicklungsumgebung in C programmiert werden.Eine Tolle Sache für Tüftler und Bastler. Ich bin begeistert.
  • Di****nz
    Es macht einfach enorm viel spaß tausende kleine schaltungen mit nur einem Arduino aufzubauen. Ich kann es nur jedem elektrofreund empfellen.
  • R****a
    eigentlich gibt hierüber nichts zu berichten, wer Arduino kennt, kennt auch die gute Verarbeitung, gute Verarbeitung und kleinste Verpackung, so mag ich das
  • b****a
    Einfach genial! Nach anfänglichen Problemen mit der Standardsoftware zum Programmieren habe ich mit das Programm CodeBlocks für Arduino runtergeladen. Jetzt geht das übertragen sehr schnell!

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