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  • Lo****15
    This kit was an impulse buy for me due to a flash sale. Everything is easy to assemble. The kit comes with two Micro-HDMI-to-HDMI cables (many come with just one) which is a plus. Also, the AC adapter has an inline power switch, a quality touch as well. I had a spare 128GB SD card which I used instead of the included 32GB one; I used the kit's SD-to-USB adapter (which supports USB-B and USB-C) to load N00bs on the card easily. I loaded Raspbian Buster on the system, then RetroPie, then Kodi, without a hitch.The case is very functional, moreso than the stock Raspberry Pi case. There is a slot for the GPIO cable, and everything fits and aligns well. There is only one issue, for which I took off one star. The fan is smaller, and noisy; this is not helped by the grille in the case which increases airflow restriction and turbulence. It makes an audible whooshing sound one can hear at ten feet. I'm strongly tempted to try and modify the case with a Dremel to accept a 40mm fan.Pros:Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB (a powerhouse)Everything you need included (memory card, adapter for writing to it, heatsinks, case, fan, instructions)2 mHDMI-to-HDMI cablesAC adapter has inline power switchCons:Fan is noisy; a better pick (preferably larger, with a case that could accomodate it) would be a plusCase built in fan grille looks nice, but contributes to the noise issue.Apps still haven't been made fully optimized for the Raspberry Pi 4B (they will be). This is not a knock on the kit, but if you're not looking for high-end video playback, a Raspberry Pi 3B+ may also do what you want (I wanted the new video processing capabilities).All in all, at the Flash Deal price, this was a great offering. At the regular price, you may wish to compare other equally-priced kits to see if it will be quieter (though the 20-30mm fans will likely be a bit noisy no matter whom you get). Alternately, getting a FLiRC case (which requires no fan) which is fanless and quiet may be well worth the expense.
  • Co****tt
    I bought this to create a OctoPi for my 3d printer to control the printing and sending files to it without using a SD card. The kit assembled quickly. If you are shocked by no directions, look at the listing and there's directions for assembly. It's not my first Pi setup, so it was fairly straight forward. I just watched the video to confirm that I connected the fan correctly.It's a great kit for the price, the only downside was the very loud fan. I've worked on quieting my 3d printer, so with this fan I couldn't tell if the printer was on or off because of the loud volume of the fan. With the savings, I bought a 4 pack of quiet fans and now you can't tell if it's on in the room without looking at a screen.It's quicker than my Pi3B+ and the Ethernet is true gigabit so it's great for transferring the large print files. The processing is using less CPU and memory, so I will be able to set it up to do the slicing for the 3d printer without installing slicer software on every PC in the house. I use a USB camera, so it doesn't affect me that there isn't a camera in the package. It was just what I needed to make an OctoPrint OctoPi.
  • Da****es
    Great product it was as expected and the delivery were faster than expected.
  • Am****er
    it was alright not much of different when it came to performance wise if compare to a raspberry pi 3
  • Le****li
    The kit is very tidy and complete. However, after opening it, I discovered that 4 GPIO pins in the raspberry board where bent. Since all the components in the kit are really well packed I don't think this problem was caused by the courier handling, but rather in the kit packing and assembly process by the provider. Luckily with a pair of pliers and caution I was able to get the pins straight again.
  • D****H
    Need this for a quick setup, and the NOOBS mSD really made everything go quick. I like the idea of the heat sinks too.
  • R****n
    This is really a nice kit and is well put together. I would recommend it to others as long as they don't mind the fan being a little bit noisy - like running in their bedroom at night. For my use case, however, a loud fan does not work out well. I was able to modify it by adding an inline 28-ohm resistor though but I think a 40-ohm might have worked out better (I just did not have that on hand.)
  • C****S
    This will run right out of the box. . . It includes a pre-loaded os on a micro sd card. . .
  • St****re
    I needed a small machine to be used for remote access into a network. I manage a pbx and other devices and having the pi setup with realvnc made it very simple to remote in and work on the devices I manage. Small not needing a KB, Mouse and Monitor makes this exaclty what I needed.Only gripe, the plastic case was a bit tight/off when I went to mount the Pi inside, not a big deal really. All the cables fit it's just the clearences are tight. Fan is noisy but the fan and heat sink combo's keep the device running at a cool 35C.
  • sh****rn
    I was extremely surprised to find when I opened the Amazon box that this kit is put together in an extremely nice outer box, and the Pi box itself was surrounded with a thick foam for protection. In contrast, I have ordered RPi3 kits from Vilros and Canakit and they were not packaged as nicely or as well. They still worked of course, but the solid packaging is a nice touch that differentiates Labists (who I'd never heard of) from the competition. The accessories/power cord are all quality (though the SD card reader seems a little cheap - but it works) and the SD card was Sandisk branded. I do have two complaints - while the case that comes with the Pi is really cool (it has a hole for the RPi camera and even has a standard tripod mount so that it can be used for surveillance or whatever) it did require some filing/modification of the hole for the USB-C port so that the Pi would fit in there. My other complaint is about the fan - it sounds like a jet engine. This little sucker is LOUD. I would budget for ordering a replacement unless you want to feel like you're living under the Atlanta airport. Those two items aside, I would definitely order from Labists again over the other guys . (As of this writing, I did order a second RPi from this seller).
  • P****J
    Great product with virtually everything I needed to get going. This product saved me time from assembling all the things I knew I needed for my raspberry pi and put them into one kit. The quality of this product was surprisingly great and everything came as expected or even better to be honest.
  • L****y
    I am a new pi user so this kit is exactly what I needed. Its lots of fun to learn linux/programming for different projects and this kit makes it easy with everything you will need for a pi
  • D****z
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     Finalmente metto mano al nuovo raspberrypi 4 , e precisamente il modello da ben 4 GB di RAMLe potenzialità sono tante, spero in ambito gaming con retropie di vedere un incremento di nuovi sistemi emulati e l ottimizzazione di quelli già presenti.Ovviamente è possibile utilizzarlo per tanti altri progetti.Nel kit sono presenti anche gli accessori, quindi fin da subito l'ho utilizzato.Era da tempo che cercavo la versione più potente e che avesse i nuovi cavi e il nuovo case.
  • Co****er
    If you are new to raspberry pi, I highly recommend this kit. It has everything you need to get started. I was able to everything set up and running in under an hour. A fun little evening project.Some things you should know. The raspberry pi 4 is more powerful that it's predecessors, with a 64-bit quad core Cortex-A72 processor, and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. (Very excited about this, since I'm upgrading from the older RPi 2-B) With great power comes great need for heat management, though. After running some tests I'd say the fan AND heat sinks are necessary for long term usage, if you care about your electronics. (which of course you do!)Some notes on that. This kit comes with a very handy quick start guide, but there are no instructions on how to install the heat sinks or the fan. I've provided pictures to help with that. Basically, install the heat sinks as shown, make sure the fan is pointed down (green side facing toward the processor), and plug the fan into pins 4 & 6 with the red cable on the side closest to the edge (see photos). It should work on startup without any additional configuration.For those of you familiar with the older versions of pi, you'll be happy to find out this model has both bluetooth and wifi capabilities built in, NO MORE ADAPTERS! Big win there.This kit comes with a great 5V USB-C power supply with a nice long cord, and a power switch. A nice little quality of life improvement. I still recommend you follow the instructions on the quick start guide for shutting your system down before flipping the switch.A couple of notes on I/O. The case included in this kit has a sleek modern design that sits flush with the ports of the raspberry pi. I haven't had any difficulty plugging anything into it, and I've been overall impressed with how it fits the board so well. My only complaint is that it's difficult for me to pull the micro SD card out, but I have a little pair of tweezers to help with that anyways, since I have large hands.You have 4 USB ports available to you. 2x USB 2.0 & 2x USB 3.0. Nice to have for faster connections. Ethernet is also available for better network speed.For display, you have 2 micro HDMI ports for multiple displays. The kit comes with a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, which is awesome and means I didn't have to buy any extra cables. The only thing I had to provide myself was the mouse and keyboard.As far as storage goes, it comes with a very nice 32GB sandisk micro SD card. It is not formatted, and does not have anything installed on it. I see this as a plus, because I can do anything I want with it right out of the box, but if you want NOOBS put on it, you'll have to do it yourself. It's not difficult and there's a guide on how to do it on the raspberry pi website, along with the download.They also included a handy little micro SD to USB-C adapter with it if you have something like a Macbook Pro, or anything with USB-C ports, it's very handy. Otherwise, you'll need to buy some kind of adapter/reader to write to the SD card.Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. Buying this kit saved me a lot of time hunting around for all the components, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the Pi life. It's well worth the money.
  • P****n
    This is a nice, complete kit with the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, case (with fan and heat sinks), NOOBS on a 32GB mini-SD card, SD card USB A/C reader, power supply, etc. The OS installed smoothly. The RPi 4 ran excellently as I tried different apps (office, programming, internet, and games). It did generate some heat, but the heat sinks and fan kept it gong. This will make a great mini-desktop computer.

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