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  • E****s
    Everything as mentioned, came with US charger and British plug, everything packed perfectly, items arrived not damaged, delivered earlier than expected.
  • T.****es
    Very complete allowing to experiment many arduino projects. Loving it!
  • Br****rt
    an excellent kit. with everything included here, i have been able to follow just about every beginner youtube tutorial video and have every part the video uses.everything is in working order, nothing is broken appart from 2 slightly bent pins which were easily corrected. im good with electronics, but i am bad with programing, but using this kit i am quickly starting to learn. i have already started on building a Mars Rover project
  • MR****AL
    I've been thinking of getting an arduino based product for some time, but never quite got round to it. I then spotted the Elegoo “Most Complete Starter Kit” last week and it had more items included in the price than similar starter kits available.It arrived quickly and I was not disappointed. The UNO R3 board is good quality and has clear labelling on it, which is very useful for a beginner. The kit came with all the components you would need when starting out, plus a CD with all the code and libraries that go with those components. The CD also contains a user guide with many lessons available. Combining this with the main arduino website & forums, it was easy to get it up and running. I had the software installed on my PC (tried both Linux & Windows with no issues) and had the blink program loaded in minutes! I have also tried many (but not all) if the accessories that were supplied and they are all of a good standard and are in working order.All was supplied in 2 handy storage cases to protect all the components and keep them in one place. I also thought it was a nice touch providing a plastic base and mounting screws for the board to keep it steady while in use.I look forward to many hours of using this product and working my way through the tutorials!
  • Mr****rs
    Received this today so have not tried all the components. Two points I have picked up on straight away is that the power supply is for the American market not British, and the relay component is not fitted to a circuit board, so of no use whatsoever. I will update this review when I have tried the other components.

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