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  • M****e
    Fast delivery, within a week! Product quality, I recommend the seller.
  • J****L
    Very high quality kit, endless fun.
  • s****s
    This kit is one of the most complete robot cars out there with nice features like 4WD, two 3.7v 18650 batteries, and a charger to boot. All of it comes packed in a cute little carrying case which has held together well.After going through the first five lessons, the only hitch so far was one of the motors being wired in reverse polarity. Simply switching the wires around made the wheel turn in the correct direction. Another thing I would mention on a completely different tack is that I have also built robots using the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is much more a full blown computer while the Arduino is much more narrowly focused on electronic control. Do not be intimidated by the Arduino's IDE and programming language. They are actually quite straight forward once you get some exposure to them.Happy robotting!

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